46 Super Lightning Man

Lola, Virginia, Animation, Series, Kids, Imira, Entertainment, Comedy,

There’s a rumour going round school: SANTI, a former companion of VIRGINIA’s at Columbus College, is coming to San Lorenzo. LOLA and her friends dream that the new boy will be good-looking and great fun, but VIRGINIA quickly dashes their hopes. The last time she saw SANTI, he was and ugly, 7-year-old geek with missing teeth. Shortly after they hear this news, the HEADMASTER appoints VIRGINIA to be the new boy’s “Support Student”. Her mission will be to accompany him, show him round the school and help him make friends. VIRGINIA fakes an accident and thus manages to get out of it. Not happy with this, she speaks to the HEADMASTER and manages to get him to appoint LOLA as her replacement. Everything changes when SANTI makes his appearance at school. He has turned into a very good-looking, friendly and sensitive young man.