34 Giant Love

Sandra, Detective, Fairytale, Animation, Series, Imira, Entertainment, Kids, Fo

SANDRA and her assistant, the elf FO, travel into the story of the Brave Little Tailor by the Brothers Grimm, having been called out by the KING in that story. Some time ago, the TAILOR set out to finish off the two GIANTS that are terrorising the kingdom, and he has still not come back. SANDRA and FO go to the GIANTS’ lair and discover that the LITTLE TAILOR has been taken prisoner by them. So far, the LITTLE TAILOR has managed to save his skin by offering to make two enormous suits for his captors. But the day these suits are finished, they will devour him. SANDRA and FO manage to rescue the LITTLE TAILOR, promising the GIANTS the thing they most want: a girlfriend each, two charming giantesses, to keep them company.