15 The 22,30 Express

Sandra, Detective, Fairytale, Animation, Series, Imira, Entertainment, Kids, Fo

SANDRA and FO travel into the story of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, having been called out by her and her GRANDMOTHER. When the detective and her assistant arrive, they discover that it has been a year since the FEROCIOUS WOLF unsuccessfully tried to eat LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and her GRANDMOTHER. Since then, the FEROCIOUS WOLF has been in jail, while LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and her GRANDMOTHER became the most popular and best-loved people in the community. Everything changed a week ago, when a series of mysterious crimes began in the village and the surrounding area. Everything would seem to indicate that these were committed by LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and her GRANDMOTHER, who all the villagers now hate. SANDRA and FO must find the real culprit, to demonstrate the innocence of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and her sweet GRANDMOTHER.