34 Love Soap

Lola, Virginia, Animation, Series, Kids, Imira, Entertainment, Comedy,

VIRGINIA is having ‘tea’ with a group of female friends from her former school, the highly-prestigious Columbus College. She thus finds out about a rumour that makes her fuming mad: apparently, everyone at Columbus is saying that she’s all washed up and that at her new school none of the boys are interested in her. To save her honour, VIRGINIA lies, saying that she and CHARLY, the cutest boy in the school, are going out together. Her friends don’t believe her and they tell VIRGINIA to organise another little get-together to introduce them to CHARLY. CHARLY, however, already has something on that day - he’s going to the premiere of a film with LOLA. In desperation, VIRGINIA tries out an exotic soap that supposedly acts like a ‘love potion’.