44 The Fat Worm

Sandra, Detective, Fairytale, Animation, Series, Imira, Entertainment, Kids, Fo

SANDRA and her assistant FO travel into the story of THUMBELINA, by Hans Christian Andersen. On this occasion, they have not been called out to solve a case, but rather to be guests at the wedding of CORNELIUS, the prince of the Land of Flowers, who is getting married to THUMBELINA. But not long after arriving in this idyllic place, inhabited by tiny fairies and imps, SANDRA and FO have to set to work as usual, as a bird from the distant frozen climes of Sereland kidnaps THUMBELINA, before the wedding. SANDRA and FO travel to Sereland, discover THUMBELINA’s whereabouts and rescue her from MR. MOLE, a rich, powerful, blind mole, who is still in love with the voice of sweet little