47 XXIst Century Cinderella

Lola, Virginia, Animation, Series, Kids, Imira, Entertainment, Comedy,

LOLA, dressed as a yogurt, is going to a fancy-dress party at the school. On the way, she is almost run over by a taxi. It turns out that the passenger in this taxi is none other than ANTONIO REDONDO, a famous, handsome teenage tennis-player, who is wearing a ‘Prince Charming’ costume. ANTONIO offers to give LOLA a lift to the party, which he’s also going to. It is only when they get there that LOLA discovers that ANTONIO had been talking about another party, in a luxury hotel. LOLA stays for a while and dances with ANTONIO, until HAIDÉ calls her and she has to leave. In her rush, LOLA loses her glasses. The next day, a note appears at school, in which ANTONIO says he would like to see his ‘yogurt girl’ again. But VIRGINIA manages to get hold of note before anyone else has seen it, and she claims that she is the yogurt girl.