07 Fruits of the Forest

Sandra, Detective, Fairytale, Animation, Series, Imira, Entertainment, Kids, Fo

Detective Sandra and her assistant Fo go to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, having been called out by the Grandmother, whose knitting needles have mysteriously gone missing. Shortly after they arrive, and without Sandra realising it, the Wolf captures Fo and takes him to his lair in order to devour him. While Fo desperately uses his ingenuity - and a cookery book – to avoid becoming the wolf’s dinner, Sandra gets down to work in search of the knitting needles. The investigation will lead the detective to the Wolf’s lair, and thus she saves Fo. Sandra will also discover that Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf have reached an agreement to hide the knitting needles, because Little Red Riding Hood is sick of wearing the red hoods her grandmother knits for her.