26 Oh no not her!

Lola, Virginia, Animation, Series, Kids, Imira, Entertainment, Comedy,

Lola introduces her exchange mate Chichita Gonzales to all her friends. Virginia is envious. What luck ! Virginia does everything she can to get Chichita to come to her place. But Lola keeps outsmarting Virginia until she realizes that living with Chichita is a nightmare. Chichita loves to have fun alright, but only at other people’s expense ! Lola manages to get Virginia to invite Chichita to her place. Lola thinks she’s rid of Chichita, but Virginia, who can’t stand any more of Chichita’spranks, threatens to send her back to Lola! Lola and Virginia join forces to play a trick on Chichita to show her that you can’t always make fun of others and get away with it.