12 Problem Pets

Lola, Virginia, Animation, Series, Kids, Imira, Entertainment, Comedy,

Lola takes home all kinds of helpless animals, which she finds abandoned around the neighborhood, or which her friends give her when they can no longer look after them. But the house is too small, and one day her mother asks her to get rid of all her pets. Having no other place, Lola takes the animals to school, despite the fact that this is absolutely forbidden. Thanks to her friends, Lola manages to hide the animals in different places around the building and plans to set up a shelter for stray animals in San Lorenzo. But Virginia, who is allergic to cats, ends up discovering them and tells the Headmaster. Just when it seems things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Lola, the city receives the visit of Bernadette L’Héraud, a supermodel and president of an animal protection organization. Bernadette has organized a fashion show with pets, in order to collect funds for her association. Lola decides that, whatever it takes, she has to speak to her about her problem. Virginia, on the other hand, is all set to be the star of the fashion show.