21 Headline News

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LOLA is on the editorial team of the school newspaper, along with other students. The latest edition is about to come out and they still haven’t decided what should go on the front page. The only halfway decent idea is a report on the twins AGI and YUKIO, who are about to resolve a difficult equation, which they have been working on for a long time. LOLA is not enthusiastic about the subject, until VIRGINIA shows up with a different suggestion: a report about her, as she has just been included in the list of the continent’s best dressed girls. There's no way LOLA is going to accept this, so she staunchly defends the report on the twins and manages to convince the rest to reject VIRGINIA’s idea. But Ms. Toffen refuses to admit defeat and she swings into action, halting work on the equation by making one of the twins believe he is going on a secret scientific mission to the Antarctic.