06 Haunted house

Lola, Virginia, Animation, Series, Kids, Imira, Entertainment, Comedy,

For a school assignment, LOLA, POPPY and HAIDÉ visit POPPY’s aunt, Sara Africati, an elderly anthropologist, whose house is stuffed full of objects from remote, primitive cultures. Among these objects, Aunt Sara has an incredible collection of dolls from all around the world. During the visit, LOLA and her friends find out that the aunt is in serious trouble: the bank is about to repossess her house and everything in it. What aunt Sara is most distressed about is losing her collection of dolls, which she plans to save whatever it takes. She therefore asks the girls not to mention the existence of the doll collection. But during their presentation, LOLA, not to be outdone by VIRGINIA, shows the entire class the photos of the dolls. VIRGINIA immediately sets out to get the collection for herself, by hook or by crook.