36 Tyranosaurus Virginia

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LOLA has gone back to her business of walking dogs. One night, while she is walking a mischievous group of dogs, she finds out that the twins AGI and YUKIO have found the fossil of a fly and are going to be on “Young Geniuses”, a popular science programme on TV. LOLA, delighted at the news, organises a rousing welcome for the twins at school the next day. However, VIRGINIA is green with envy and decides to steal the twins’ thunder. Her chance comes in the form of BORIS, a trafficker in objects of doubtful origin. BORIS somehow manages to procure a dinosaur skeleton and bury it in the school playground, so that VIRGINIA can ‘discover’ it the next day. But before that happens, one of the dogs that LOLA is walking discovers the first bone of the dinosaur.