The Muppet Show - Sax and Violence


The Muppet Show, Season One, Episode 2 with Connie Stevens. Zoot is standing alone in a darkened room with a music stand. Nigel, the orchestra pit conductor, walks in and asks Zoot if he's ready to start playing. Zoot has reservations. ZOOT: What if I refuse to play it? NIGEL: What if I get a new sax player? ZOOT: What if you and I get right down to it and do this little beauty, huh? A jazzy rift starts to play and Zoot examines his music. At the end of every measure, lets out a solitary note on his sax. Mahna Mahna enters with a bell and starts to play instead of Zoot. Mahna Mahna starts to hit Zoot's sax and even Zoot's face! Zoot finally blows his sax with such force that it explodes Mahna off the stage.